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Passionately Driven to create ground-breaking cinematic experiences utilizing emerging technologies. I specialize in interactive AI system driven Virtual & Augmented Reality development. With 10 + years experience in game development and film productions. I Lead & conceptulized the orignal reaction based cinematic Guitar Hero AI driven crowds. Well known throughout the game industry and VR & AR communities as a leading pioneer combining AI with volumetric Holograms & dynamic filming techniques. Recognized as an early adopter of new technologies and mixed reality subject matter expert and was positioned as a futurist by GQ Magazine.

GQ Magazine - "Dilallo thinks the near future will be based in augmented reality, where images are superimposed onto your surroundings (i.e. Pokémon Go). It’ll be as easy as slipping on a pair of goggles, choosing who you’d like to have over and seeing a famous adult actress flop around on your Ikea couch. What a time to be alive!"


Immersed inside Activision's Innovation lab up in Albany New York at Vicarious Vision's studio where I help lead development on several prototypes combining live crowd Cinematics with built in AI using reaction based filming techniques for Guitar hero which earned critical acclaim and winning many awards from major video game publications, and is considered one of the most influential games of the first decade of the 21st century and has earned more than $2 billion in sales.

  • Fullname: Daniel DiLallo
  • Job: Creative Director, Game Designer, Virtual & Augmented reality Developer, AI specialist, Hologram,ui,ux,audio designer & developer, Executive Producer ,QA
  • Website: www.danieldilallo.com
  • Email: danieldilallo1@gmail.com
  • Awards: Director’s Award - Public Speaking Director’s Award - Programming 2 Director’s Award - Final Project Recipient of the *Advanced Achievement Award*


My career in the game industry began before college as a Lead QA tester for Acclaim. Over a decade after I've been focused on becoming one of the most well rounded creative directors in the world with a bachelors and foundation built from computer engineering. I went on to become a Leading designer for Activison in several disciplines; mission, game, tech and audio moving into a producer role for several VR companies and to finally I moved my way into my career role as a creative Director where I've lead several teams on high profile VR & AR experiences

  • 98%
    Game Design
  • 95%
    Interactive Film Development
  • 90%
    Virtual Reality
  • 95%
    Augmented Reality
  • 75%
    AI Systems Design
  • 75%
    Volumetric capture
  • 95%
  • 95%
    Tech Marketing
  • 75%
    Scrum Master
  • 80%
    User interface(UI)dev
  • 85%
    Audio Design
  • 96%
    Web Development

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"Design is in everything, it's the core of creation; to know design fundamentals, principals, systems, the design process itself; one's achievements are only bound by their determination to see a design through fruition" - Daniel DiLallo

Work Experience

Creative Director

July 2013 - Present

3x Studios

3x Studios designs, captures, and produces cinematic experiences in virtual reality. We're collaborating with many of the world's most well known brands and musical talent to bring mind-blowing and immersive entertainment experiences to your fingertips.

Creative Director

July 2013 - Present


Leader in interactive augmented & virtual Reality Experiences

Board of Directors

May 2012 - June 2017

The Rendezvous Film Festival

RFF is the only Film and Music Festival in North Florida and Southeast Georgia. RFF is all about Entertainment: bringing the artists and community together for a 3 day celebration.

Lead Designer

May 2006 - June 2011


For more than 30 years, Activision has been changing the way people play. In the process, we have built one of the largest portfolios of recognized brands and today we are one of the most valuable interactive entertainment companies in the world.

Course Instructor

May 2010 - June 2011

Mildred Elley College

provide quality career education and technical training to allow students of diverse educational, cultural and personal backgrounds to become successful in an ever-changing global economy. Mildred Elley strives to afford students quality placement opportunities and instill in all of our graduates a desire for lifelong education and learning.


Bachelor's Degree

Computer Engineering

July 2004 - 2006

Full Sail University

A state of the art University designed for the world of entertainment, media, arts, and technology. Full Sail's creative approach to education provides an immersive, fast-paced, and relevant learning experience that mirrors the workflow and collaboration found throughout today's rapidly evolving industries.


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Polygon - "With the popularity of Guitar Hero games waning, Dilallo decided to flip the game from its standard third-person view of a musician playing, to a first-person view of a live rock concert, as seen by the lead guitarist / vocalist. His demo — which he called "Guitar Hero Live" — included a video live audience."

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Over the past Decade I've strived for excellence on every project I've worked on trying to set the quality bar higher each time.


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